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Noga graphic design is an Art studio active since 1990 under the management of Noga Mizrachi. Noga is a graduate of WIZO College (Haifa, IL) which is one of the best in Israel in the art of design. The studio provides design services, graphics and publishing in the highest standards to academic institutes, national authorizations, enterprises, medium and small businesses. From the concept, the idea, trough the design up to the finished product all within budget limitations. The design procces is with complete corporation with our client. We supply several possible variations. We engage in pre-printing preparation and we monitor the printing process all within tight schedules. Our productions include publishing of books, catalogs, specs, brochures, pamphlets, booklets, posters & banners. We also supply our customers with image consulting which includes logo, symbols, business cards, stationary, and web sites. All with accordance to the customers desired image. In our web site you can get an impression of the wide variety of our previous work.

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